Tim has successfully helped inventors get to the next step in the invention process. If you have an idea I can help you with:

  • Patent Attorney
  • Explanation of the whole process from idea to product to market.
  • Pro bono help.
  • Partnering in your idea and getting it to market.

Inventions aren't fun when you don't know where to go. When you have a clear path to market or a licensing opportunity you blast out of bed each day with excitement! Email me (link) or call me I can help - 844-293-8186

To read about two of our recent inventions (the gun and gate sensor) that debuted at the ISC West 2018, click here.

Recent Patents Filed

Screamer FOB

Alarms in stay and away mode/ disarms medical panic and an auxiliary button. The secret sauce is the 105DB personal panic button that works anywhere you are. Be safe 24/7/365.

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WaterKnuckles was created to have a small compact way to turn off a water valve in an emergency or while working on plumbing.

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Gate Sensor

Protect your property with our gate sensor. Great for pool gates, entry gates or other entries to your property.

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3-1 Z Wave Extender

Z Wave extenders were being pulled out of outlets causing security companies to run frivolous service calls. This invention has a USB charger, nightlight, and a secure screw to make sure the extender isn't inadvertently taken out of an outlet.

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Gun Guard Gun Lock

Gun Lock that connects wirelessly to your 2GIG alarm system. Now you know if your gun has been picked up or is moving.

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