about tim shiner

About Tim Shiner

Tim Shiner is a real estate investor, business owner, and mentor. His success has not broken his humility as Tim continually gives back to the world and helps others in need. He's a visionary that can take a concept that many would only dream of making a reality and make it a success!


Tim has invested in a variety of business ventures which have proven widely successful. Whether it's saving home/business owners from flooding disasters, creating products that establish a company brand, or designing custom calendars for schools, there's no challenge Tim is not willing to try!


Top 10 Interesting Facts About Tim

  • Tim bought his 1st house at 19 years old.

  • Tim's 1st invention was the Cart Cooly.

  • Tim switched high schools 4 times because of moves.

  • As a reward for having 10 quality rent houses by 40 he bought a Lamborghini Gallardo.

  • All proceeds from book, "50 Things They Didn't Teach You in School" goes to the food bank Community Storehouse.

  • Tim is adopted and found his birth mother 20 years ago.

  • Tim owned the 59 Tesla ever made.

  • Tim saw Kenny Rogers pitch a perfect game - there only been 23 in 140 years of baseball.

  • Tim has had written goals since he was 18 years.

  • Tim knew the moment he met Crystal, he would marry her.