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How He Built Wealth With Appreciation On Rentals With Tim Shiner (Episode 119)

Tim Shiner has a different strategy than most of the guests that we’ve had on the podcast. Tim buys properties high end properties in good neighborhoods.. These properties don’t cash flow that great, but that’s not why Tim is buying. He’s built a lot of wealth through appreciation and debt pay down.

Rental Income Podcast

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Tim

Tim bought his 1st house at 19 years old.

Tim's 1st invention was the Cart Cooly.

Tim switched high schools 4 times because of moves.

As a reward for having 10 quality rent houses by 40 he bought a Lamborghini Gallardo.

All proceeds from book, "50 Things They Didn't Teach You in School" goes to the food bank Community Storehouse.

Tim is adopted and found his birth mother 20 years ago.

Tim owned the 59 Tesla ever made.

Tim saw Kenny Rogers pitch a perfect game - there only been 23 in 140 years of baseball.

Tim has had written goals since he was 18 years.

Tim new the moment he met Crystal, he would marry her.