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Tim Shiner has just published his book, 50 Things They Didn't Teach You in School that is guaranteed to be an instant success. This book is the perfect gift for any adolescent entering the "adult world" who may think they know it all. The book will make you laugh, cry, think and most importantly hopefully learn a few lessons without having to make the same mistakes as Tim and others who have gone before him. 

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25 Habits of a Future Millionaire by Tim Shiner

Ever wondered how you too could become a millionaire? Click here to buy the poster with great motivational tips from people who have achieved their business goals and are looking to make their next million! 


Tim Shiner's Real Estate Podcast

Top 10 Podcast

Tim Shiner appeared on Bigger Pockets podcast on 04/06/2017 to share his real estate insights.  This show was rated one of their TOP 5 PODCASTS.

Tim is a successful rental property investor and shares how he's gone from zero to over 150 units - and the lessons learned along the way.

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